Friday, May 29, 2009

The Girl... the Crush... S5

The Girl? Amber Rose. The Crush? The sheer stunningness. (Okay, "stunningness" is not a word, but DAMN, this woman is STUNNING)

I've been a fan from the word go. I saw this photo and thought: OMG! WHO is THAT?!

Wow! The blond millimetred hair, the reflective glasses, the gloves, Amber came out the gate guns blazing! Of course the gossip scene went wild and we got to see a lot of Kanye and his stunning "new girlfriend" in the days and weeks following. I didn't care much for all the shiny 80's look leggings and just when I started to loose interest I saw this pic:

Now I'm thinking this girl is very interesting, very unique, maybe even complicated, definitely not your average "look at me I'm sexy" chick. I love the neutral look of her glasses and the sort of inexpensive look of the denim shorts and t-shirt paired with sheer fabulousness of the shoes. And yes, I see that she's smoking a cigarette, but you have to understand; I live in continental Europe, I see beautiful women smoking on the street everyday. Not a big deal...

And when she joined Kanye on the red carpet at the Metropolitan Opera Gala...

... I knew there was no turning back. This was definitely a girl crush, no doubt about it. The dress is gorgeous, the subtlety of her make up shows off just how beautiful she really is and I love the asymetric cut of the shoes. The clutch and fur stole (shame that it's real fur) really complete to look. This proved that she's versatile. She can pull off a sophistcated look with the same ease as edgy street fashion and she does it better than a lot of celebrities. On a side note: I kept wondering why she was holding her clutch so awkwardly, but then I realized that she was hiding a tattoo on her right leg that was peeping out due to that incredible split. You can see a bit of it peeping out of her denim shorts in the pic above as well.

I hope they stay together so we can see more of Amber... Please Kanye, can you do that for me? TIA!

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