Monday, June 28, 2010

Dress Obsession...

I've got this Alexander Wang Ponte dress on the brain...

It's been growing on me. Popping up here and there, like on Trina a few weeks ago.

I have to say, I like it better on Trina than on the model. It's always nice to see a runway look work so well on a real woman's body. Yay to curves! (... oh and Trina honey, I'm going to let those horrendous shoes slide since the rest of the look is so perfect. Love the hair and make up.)

Last week while flipping through the Vogue UK July 2010 issue I noticed Laura Robson wearing it.

Now I can't stop thinking about it... That's just great. Just when I was getting over the leopard print wedges... Bam! A new Alexander Wang obsession.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The look for less...

I'm really loving Chloé's SS-2010 Multi-strap leather & canvas sandals.

And even if I'd be prepared to pay € 457,90 for them a, they're sold out.

That said, these sandals are so hot it was really only a matter of time before cheaper versions started popping up. So I was pleased to find these lovelies at a whopping € 29!

Although I like that they're not identical to the Chloé sandals -I love the grey and the inni-mini little wegde heel- I am seriously considering coloring the cross straps dark brown or tan to get the color contrast which I love about the Chloé's.

...oh and in case you're wondering, I will not be rocking the leg warmers with these sandals. ;-)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Together at last...

His name is Michael... well actually it's MK5039, but what's in a name right?

We met back in 2008. It was love at first sight.. well actually I liked his brother first (yeah, the dark one), but I gave it some thought and I realized that MK5039 was more my type. Minor detail, but let's just keep that our secret, he doesn't need to know...

Anyway, I've had the hots for him ever since. Can you blame me?

I introduced you to him last year... And now... finally... we're together!

Hello Lover!

Yes, I'm a shallow, happy girl. ;-) I think he's the one!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

About Skirts...

I picked up two skirts the other day. One reminded me of Carine Roitfeld and the other reminded me of Christine Centenera. Can you tell which is which?

Need help?

Yeah, that wasn't so hard...

Anyway, I'm with in love the detailing on the skirts.

Some quick outfit ideas.

Please excuse the quality of the photo's. My camera battery died mid post, so these were taken with my phone. : )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Fashion Puzzle...

I saw the jacket at Jak&Jil:

I saw the shoes at StockholmStreetstyle. (Which I showed you in an earlier 'I like her shoes' post.)

Garance Doré posted a bit more of the outfit...

But it wasn't until I saw this photo that I realized that those fab shoes were actually part of this fab outfit.

I admit I am a bit slow sometimes... Anyway, the girl is of course Christine Centenera Fashion Editor at Harper's Bazaar Australia (more on her soon) and the shoes are Nina Ricci Fall 2009.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chain Reaction...

Just wanted to share my most loved, most worn necklaces of the moment... 

Remember to click on the image to enlarge! : )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

They call her Yellow Mellow...

Well they probably don't... but maybe they should. I'm talking about Viviana Volpicella, Assistant Fashion Director Vogue Nippon.

The last photo is definitely my favorite. Overall though Viviana's love for bright yellow is a great example of knowing what works for you and making it a staple in your wardrobe.

I must say, she seems to love all bright colors in general. Case in point:

I mean, in theory peachy orange paired with turquoise sounds a bit 'much', doesn't it? But to see it on Viviana, it not only makes sense, it looks fabulous! And you can tell from her bright smile that her colorful choices reflect her fun personality. She's definitely one of the girls I keep an eye out for during fashion week. Such a breath of fresh air amids the black fabric addicts that is the fashion pack. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'll be back...

Okay... so it's been a month. But I'll be back... Soon!

I have been outside, in the sunlight, in the real world, living my life and being inspired! ;-) and I intend to share it all with you... Soon!


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