Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boy, oh boy, oh tomboy...

I'm going to be honest here. I've grown tired of skinny jeans and I'm longing for a more relaxed look for spring. Boyfriend jeans are looking very apealing right now. I'm loving their baggy, laid back vibe.... but... and there's always a "but"... I like to give looks an unexpected twist, a little contrast, some umph, some something. So, now I'm thinking how do I achieve that. It's so easy to go a bit tomboy with baggy jeans, add a t-shirt or hoodie and sneakers and you're basically done.

For me, going the opposite direction usually does the trick. So how do I keep baggy jeans looking ultra feminine and summery? Oh and for the record, I live in The Netherlands, so I'm not expecting "hot town, summer in the city" weather this or any other summer for that matter. Jeans will do me fine. But back to my dilema, how to wear my boyfriend jeans this summer...

I'm thinking: Big sexy hair (dsquared2 like big, curly, bouncy, goodness), white t-shirts or candy colored girlie tops and pretty sandals and slippers in bright colors. Add in my lovely red Chloé Tamaris and this look could really work! I'm going to try it out in Barcelona, where it's already above 20degrees and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted. ;-)

On a side note, this post brought model Omahyra Mota Garcia to mind. You can not think or speak of tomboys and not think of Omahyra.

I just love her, always have! She's an absolute original. I mean edgy, bad assed, tatted to the nines and always, always stunning!

Secretly, I'm thinking Rihanna (or her stylist) have been taking notes from Omahyra... but that's just my opninion. Ha! Call me if you need to talk about it. :-p

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