Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I ♥ Make-up Guru's

Though I love playing with my hair (I change hairstyles at least twice a year), I've never really been a make-up girl. A little foundation, some mascara, lip gloss and that's about it.

That was until a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a tutorial video by Fafinettex3 and now I'm hooked. Not so much on make-up, I haven't been out "hauling" as they would say, but I'm definitely hooked on make-up video's and slowly but surely make up blogs as well.

My top 3 favorite guru's are:

*Fafinettex3 of course. I think I've seen all her video's. One of my favorite lazy Sunday afternoon pass times is watching You Tube, I don't like TV much... But anyway, Fafinettex3 is a bit of a girlie girl. She likes experimenting with bright colors. So if you like to mix it up a bit, you should definitely check out her channel.

*Richie Nickel. Richie is really Glam Rock and so so sweet in a very Glam Rock way of course. He does tutorials as well reviews of mostly make-up and make-up related products. He is very entertaining and basically just fabulous. And he kinda reminds me of Brian Molko from Placebo. (who I love by the way) His channel is called "What Style is to Nickel" You should check him out, I think you'll like it.

*Lollipop26. Laura is the best! She's done lots of reviews on a variety of skin care products as well as make-up. She also does a lot of haul videos, love those. She's is very informative, thorough, professional even. Her look is more classic or timeless. Lots of smokey eye tutorials. She also has a blog that she updates almost daily. Her blog is: lollipop26writes.blogspot. Which is great for when you really need a quick cosmetics fix.

As a result of this new addiction, I've been getting into wearing a little more make-up. Tutorials are an excellent source of information and inspiration. I may not be ready for smokey eyes (not sure if I ever will be), but at least now I know how to apply my foundation properly. ;-)

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