Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Girl... the Crush...

The Girl? Miroslava Mikheeva Duma. The Crush? Her fabulous style! Miroslava first caught my attention last year when I saw this photo on Garance Doré.

First it's her calm confident stare into the lens, that grabs your attention and then you notice the suit. The contrast of the "older gentleman" vibe of the dubble-breasted jacket, with it's boxy shoulders and dark blue pin-stripe fabric, against her very, very young, girlie-fresh face. Your eyes go back to her face and then you see those glasses. The glasses pull the whole look together. They are the common factor, the link. They go with the suit; this is the sort of outfit you'd expect a congresman or a former president to wear. Case in point:

... and they go with her face:

On her they are totally trendy and "geek chic". Throw in the heels and low cut top and the whole look gets a sexy Manhattan Librarian twist that says: "I am not a little girl playing dress up. I am a sexy young woman and I know what I'm doing." And she pulls it all off so effortlessly, she had me at hello!

From that moment I was hooked. I had to know everything about this girl and as it turned out I am not the only one. She's been featured on so many blog's and forums over the past six months, she's become the new it girl, "one to watch".

Some say her style is still very immature compared to other style icons of the moment like, Giovanna Battaglia. Others say she hasn't found her style yet and she's all over the place. Me? I like that about her. Lot's of different looks, lot's of different styles. She clearly loves clothes, all kinds of clothes. From dresses and heels to hoodies and Uggs, she loves it all and she wears it all. And yet, as Garance said, "...everyday you see only her." She absolutely owns every look and she looks like she's having fun doing it.

Here are my favorite Mira looks and why I think they are special:

No. 1

It's the dress, those glasses, the Rolex, the chanel bag and the wind in her hair.

No. 2

The matching tones of the slip under the lace, the coat and the shoes paired with the black opaque tights and the privacy of the moment captured.

No. 3

The shoes, the leathers (real leathers, not those hideous leather-look leggings), the chain brooch, the shoes and the shoes. City girl on the go!

No. 4

The dress, the tiny belt and the shoes. Understated yet fresh and again, I need those shoes.

No. 5

The preppy shirt paired with the jean shorts. Easy, laid back, comfortable.

Expect to see more of Mira. I think it's more than a crush... I think it's love. :-)

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