Friday, May 22, 2009

All the beautiful women.

My last post about my girl crush on Miroslava Duma got me thinking about girl crushes in general. When does admiration turn into a crush? Where is the line? And when do you know you've crossed it?

I admire many women, for different reasons. I admire my mom of course. My mom raised five children on her own. With her strength of spirit, her compassion for others, her ability to forgive, her ability to LOVE and her humor she set for us a great example of how to LIVE life and LAUGH and ENJOY life with a grateful and loving heart.

Growing up I saw a lot of strong, beautiful women around me. My aunts were wonderfully strong and fabulous women. They all just seemed so in control of every aspect of their lives. I mean they were well dressed, well groomed, hard working women, who could whip up a fabulous meal from scratch in no time. They, along with my grand mother (who was a seamstress) planted the seeds of my love of clothes and my awareness of style. My shoe addiction, however, I blame on my mother. :-) My aunts carried LV bags and wore YSL Opium and to this day I still love LV and I always wear Opium, when I want to feel all grown up.

As a result of my upbringing I admire strong, clever women. Women, like Oprah Winfrey, Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lopez, Kat von D, Iman and the list goes on. Girl crushes are different. First of all, they don't seem to be because of any one particular reason. It could be their look, their style, their attitude or many other random reasons. In fact I think it's exactly that, a combination of randoms reasons why a woman catches my special attention and mere interest goes in to overdrive and I develop a girl crush.

I kinda like having girl crushes. I like the shallow, slightly "guilty pleasure"-esque obsession with what she's wearing, where she's going and who she's seeing. I guess there we have an explanation for the phenomenon that is reality tv. But I digress...

Just as my aunts did, my girl crushes influence my style in some form or another. So I'm dedicating this week to my girl crushes. That means 5 posts on my top 5 girl crushes.

P.S. Starting Monday that is, for now, it's weekend!

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