Friday, May 8, 2009

One more day to Barça!

I leave for Barcelona tomorrow. I'm so excited! I've already packed everything I want to carry with me and won't be needing between today and tomorrow.

I love travelling. I like to people watch at the airport. Check out their whole style from their outfits to their luggage. Stylish luggage is an important part of traveling for me. I always look for cute suitcases and they always get damaged in transit, because I'm too cheap to buy expensive luggage. :-p Plus I'd be concerned that someone might steal my expensive suitcase and it's presumed expensive contents.

So since my last travel bag was destroyed on the way back from London last year, I get to buy a new one this year. At first I was considering a knock off of this Rimowa in black.

But I ended up falling in love with this pink lovely instead.

I hope she holds up :-) I would however really love to have a leopard print suitcase as well. Something like this one that Rihanna sported last year.

And then there's Samsonite's Black Label Opto Collection. I love the low key classiness of this line, with it's quilted leather details and bright orange accents. They range from $90 t0 about $550, which is honestly the most I'm prepared to spend on luggage. :) Someday... maybe...

PS. I'm leaving my laptop at home since I'm not sure my hotel has internet access in the rooms and they haven't responded to my email asking if there is internet access. Besides, I'm supposed to be relaxing, so no blogging till I'm back.

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