Monday, May 25, 2009

The Girl... the Crush... S1

The Girl? Jennifer Lopez. The Crush? The shameless sexiness of this woman.

Jennifer Lopez was the first girl crush that I can clearly recall. I'm sure you all remember the dress.

Yep, the green Versace dress the made the world sit up and notice Jennifer Lopez. But believe it or not, this was not a big deal to me, I was already convinced that J-Lo was the sexiest thing on the planet. The fact that she wore that dress was just a confirmation of everything I already thought of her.

I loved that she was comfortable in her own skin. Her body shape was different from what we were used to seeing (i.e. skinny, skinnier and skinniest) and she celebrated that. That made her sexy. Yes, the make up and the clothes helped, a lot, but her confidence sealed the deal for me. She was just flawless, always. She could even run around in big hair rollers and look like this:

Flawless I tell ya!

The thing I admired most about Jennifer was her drive. She had a keen business sense that made her a very wealthy woman. Things didn't just happen for her, she was prepared, disciplined and she worked hard. The clothing line, the perfume, the restaurant... When her star rose she was ready and she worked for all it was worth.

We haven't been seeing much of her lately. I wonder if she's just going to settle down into motherhood and disapear. I hope not...

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