Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Girl... the Crush... S2

The Girl? Rihanna. The Crush? The Sassy Style.

It took a while for this crush to develop. I did not like 'Pon the Replay' at all. Although I liked 'SOS' and 'Umbrella' it wasn't until the summer of last year that I started to really really like Rihanna.

I LOVED her photo shoot for Elle in June 2008. My fave's from that shoot:

That was the moment that everything just came together for me. I love the hair, I love the tattoos (the stars on her back and the roman numbers on her shoulder are my favorites)

and I especially love what her stylists have been doing lately. This look was a great come back after her troubles in March.

Now, I know I said that Rihanna and her stylists have been taking notes on Omahyra's style. And I stand by that statement, but Rihanna is not copying any one. She brings her own flair and and she changes it up a lot. She is definitely one of my favorite girls at the moment.

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