Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ooh Eem Geeeee..!

Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta is rumored to be one of two guest designers to collaborate with H&M this fall! *happy dance*

Usually I'm a bit blasé about H&M collaborations. I just can't camp out in front of stores to be the first one inside, because frankly I don't do camping... unless the tent is going to be pitched in a hotel room. BUT I'm such a huge Bottega Veneta fan that if this rumor proves true, I just might have to make an exception. Actually, I'm hoping that Tomas Maier will be doing a men's line, which should attract less hysterics.  ;-)

We'll have to wait and see though, because H&M is being a tease about it and has posted these two mysterious videos on their official Facebook page. Some have guessed the other designer to be Carolina Herrera, but I'm not so sure. The hair is a bit long, no? I'm leaning more towards Alberta Ferretti.

See for yourselves...


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