Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration Autumn/Winter 09: Leathers...

Autumn's is definitely here now and I'm excited! I know how odd this sounds coming from a West Indian living in a country that is known for it's very changeable and wet weather, but it's true. I might not like the rain, but I love winter wardrobes; soft sweaters, gloves and shawls and coats and capes and boots... lots of boots.

Every season I start thinking about my look for the coming months and collecting images for inspiration. Once I have a clear picture of "the look" in my mind, I work out a wish/shopping-list for a capsule wardrobe and some key items. Of course this list evolves (read: gets longer) along the way, but I basically stick to it and the look I'm going for.

After my laid-back tom-boy baggy jeans and harem pants look this summer I find myself now longing for the complete opposite for winter: A chic, feminine look with a little edge.

One of my loves & lusts of the moment is leather. My inspiration looks:

Jasmin Le Bon in Wallis

Guy Laroche


I'm really looking forward to getting some wear out of the leathers I bought back in March, but unfortunately I can't wear what I please to work. There simply is no way I could get away with leather pants, but a leather skirt... well maybe that's a different story...

I wore this today, paired with gold studs, a small gold watch and basically nothing else.

The skirt I found a few years ago at the Queen's Day street market in Amsterdam. The lady sold it to me for 5EUR. God bless her... :)

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