Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspiration Autumn/Winter 09: Embroidered Shoulders...

There is no doubt about it, shoulders are back. Balmain of course being the most prominent example and lot's of other designers doing strong shoulders for AW 2009 as well.

I however, am going to pass on the shoulder pads, because to be honest I have the same problem with shoulder pads as I do with leggings: I wore them the last time they were in fashion and I now I'm strangely embarrassed to see their return. It's like when that obnoxious aunt or uncle calls you by your childhood nickname in front of your friends. Well, maybe less humiliating, but embarrassing all the same. I just want to leave it in the past and move on.

Move on to embroidered shoulders. As far as strong shoulders go, I really think this is the way forward for me.

I loved this Alberta Ferretti dress when I saw it in British Harper's Bazaar. (August 2009)

but then I saw it on the runway...

and I thought: "Blehh..." What an awful fit. What's the point, if it looks better off than on? (don't answer that)

BUT! I've found an alternative! That is, assuming that I would have somehow fallen on my head and consider buying an ill fitting 1.500EUR dress.

This dress was 20EUR!

Considering the price, I know I will have to secure the beading on the shoulders just to be sure I don't loose them. Oh well... I love it all the same. I intend to wear it over jet black jeans with black suede over the knee boots... or velours pants with black sued heels... or with leather pants and black ballet flats... or... with black opaque tights, a white button up shirt and silver flats... or... you name it.

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