Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leather Lovers

This is the inimitable Emmanuelle Alt! She doesn't seem too happy to have her picture taken, but I love the look! I never thought you could make a pair of leathers look so chic and still rock & roll at the same time. And there's an extra little treat in this photo: Standing there with her keys in her hand, she looks like she's about to drive off in the Mercedes parked next to her. Even the metal tips of her shoes match the color of the car!

Back in January The Sartorialist featured the coolest girl in the coolest pair of brown leather pants EVER! That was the photo that planted the seed. Those pants are just perfection! I used to own a pair of leathers a looooong time ago. I remember I used to like to wear them with a sweater that had a big teddy bear (fur and all) on the front. I loved the contrast of the cutesy sort of "goody-goody" feel of the sweater combined the obviously tough vibe of the leather. Emmanuelle's look is to me a perfectly executed, super sexy, grown up version of that look. After seeing her photo in this month's Glamour Magazine, I knew what my next purchase would be. I just had to have a new pair of leather pants! I found the perfect pair last week. These are my new lovelies:

I'm thinking about wearing them with an over sized white button down shirt, the "boyfriend shirt" ;-) and black leather flats or with a black turtle neck sweater and leopard print flats. Though I'm not sure if the leather and leopard combo isn't too, you know, "kitty fierce meets dominatrix".

Anyway, so I'm here enjoying my new leathers, browsing through Garance Doré's most recent posts and what do I see in her March 2nd post? Yep, leather pants, in the exact same combo!

It seems I'm not the only one who loved Emmanuelle's leathers!

PS. Here I am in my red shoes out and about today. It was 7 degrees Celsius and raining most of the day, but hey... I'm smiling... ehem sort of. ;-)

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    Unfortunately I don´t speak english but I can realize your talent. Good luck!!!

    Greetings from Madrid


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