Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best.Hair.Product.Ever... Period...

My search is finally over. I have found my holy grail hair product! Drumroll please...

It's Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Leave-in Conditioner.

My hair is extremely dry and seemed to have gotten even drier as I went natural. I tried the heavy oils like Sheabutter and Castor Oil that were supposed to "keep the moisture in". They worked okay and I'll admit that they made my hair look great, but oh my God the greasiness was just too embarrassing!! I'm talking full on 'Soul Glow' effect... You can ask my beautician, my dentist and my dry cleaner about me and the nice greasy stains I used to leave behind. Just mortifying but finally and thankfully a thing of the past!

My hair is now soft and moisturized and as an added bonus it smells amazing! Like red raspberry candy, simply delicious!! I'm completely converted. Completely. Period.

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