Friday, November 5, 2010

Hermès vs. LVMH... (round 2)

So LVMH's Bernard Arnault responded Hermès' outrage in Le Figaro yesterday, basically repeating LVMH's claim that their presence in the Hermès capital is completely amicable. He actually accused Hermès of being hostile in their demand that LVMH withdraws. He literally said: "Our presence in the capital of Hermes presents no risk to society nor to family control."

That's like a burglor standing in your living room with your silverware in his hand saying: "Me a burglor? Please! I'm just standing here. I mean you and your family no harm and as long as I'm just standing here and don't leave actually with your silverware, it's not really theft... technically. I don't know what you're getting so worked up about and frankly I don't think I like your attitude Missy."

I mean really Mr. Arnault. Seriously?

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