Saturday, November 6, 2010

All the pretty blogs...

I just discovered Tamu McPherson and her fabulous blog: All the pretty birds. She really has an amazing eye!

(photo from:

I mean, of course I had heard the name of her blog in passing many times before, but had never really taken a good look until now. This is just one of those things that developed gradually. I love when that happens, when life kind of sets you up and prepares you for new discoveries or new insights. I saw Vogue Black's "Spotlight On" profile on her two weeks ago and liked her immediately. And this past weekend I saw a profile on her at Coco & Creme. So yesterday I finally got a around to checking her blog out and now I'm hooked.

I like her fresh perspective. I see A LOT of blogs and I'm finding that more and more that you see pretty much the same faces and outfits on all the major blogs, especially during fashion month. You know, the big fashion players like Anna (DR not W), Kate, Christine etc. I like that Tamu's FW photo's are of very different people. Also I love the little back ground stories she gives us with a lot of her shots, telling us what inspired her about a certain look. So I'm happy to have "discovered"  All the pretty birds.

Another fresh new, new to me at least, blog I'm enjoying in Kristina Gisors': Your Private Shopper. She has a very unique sort of quirky yet refined style. Check out her Vogue Black "Spotlight On" feature here.

(photo's from:

I also recently stumbled upon dutch blogger Kim's: All about the style. Loving that too. Very cute girl, great style! She is very high street, with a keen interest in Dutch design. Definitely worth checking out.

(photo from: All about the style)

What are your favorite new blog discoveries?


  1. Oooo lovely!! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE finding new blogs... My favorites are Lonny magazine and Mrs. Lilien. They are more home decor sites- so may not be what you're looking for but great designs nontheless :)

    I'm going to check out these blogs after this!


  2. Thanks Becca! I love great interior design so I'll be sure to check those out!


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