Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tattooed Lady...

Remember the days when "The Tattooed Lady" was a circus attraction and looked like this?

I don't either... funny how stereotypes linger in your mind for much longer than they should. When I think of a Tattooed Lady, I think of someone like this:  

I'm glad to say though, that those days are gone. Come one, come all and behold the new and improved: 

Freja, The Tattooed Lady!!

(image courtesy of Getty Images)

I know that Chanel sent tattoos down the runway for Spring 2010 and are even selling the things, but those just seem so well... fake. Maybe it's the fact that the Chanel tattoos are so girly & pretty. They feel more like meaningless decorations, just another accessory. Plus they remind me of those hideous plastic bracelet thingy's that were meant to look like a tribal tattoo band around your arm.

Freja's tattoos are her own, they mean something to her and knowing that is what gives this look a completely different feel. I love the contrast, or rather, the lack of it; the absense of the expected clash of the tattoos with the extremely mature femininity of the clothes. Somehow it works.

This is Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 by the way. I think it's great that they chose to put Freja in this sleeveless top that shows off her many tattoos, instead of cover them up. I think that is quite a bold and modern choice.

Oh yes, times have changed indeed. Gone are the days of The Circus Tattooed Lady, this is the era of The Amazing 21st Century Woman! :-)

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