Monday, March 1, 2010

Harper's Bazaar "Jumbo" March 2010

Harper's Bazaar is going "Jumbo" for their March 2010 issue.

Publisher National Magazines will carry the additional cost in paper and distribution as a "credit-crunch treat" for readers.

Lucy Yeomans, the Harper's Bazaar editor, said: "At a time when everyone's thinking about cutting back and downsizing, it's wonderful to be able to treat our readers to this super-luxe, super-sized March issue at no extra cost."

Tess Macleod Smith, the title's publishing director, added that the magazine was an affordable luxury during the credit crunch: "We are delivering a very confident product and this month we're giving readers something extra-special at the newsstand. In these challenging times we continue to push the creative boundaries and deliver a magazine that showcases a wide range of product to exquisite effect."

This is the kind of super-sized special that I like!

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