Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marilyn Monroe in Cavalli?

The first thing you think of when you look at these Roberto Cavalli's spring-summer 2009 ads is of course Marilyn Monroe.

I did and then I thought: Marilyn Monroe in Cavalli. Hold on a minute, now that's thought and that thought is what's brilliant about this campaign's aproach. Instead of creating images that feel like replica's of iconic images of Marilyn, Cavalli's team has created images so fresh and modern that they feel more like a fantasy of what Marilyn would wear if she were living in modern times. This blew my mind! These images are not longingly looking back at her era, they are pulling Marilyn into the 21st century! This is not Marilyn Monroe inspired Cavalli, this is indeed Marilyn Monroe in Cavailli. It is genius and it works. And of course it makes you wonder about what other great icons would be wearing today... Name one, any one, the possibilities are just limitless.

I think Cavalli's team got to thinking the same thing, about Mata Hari... Here's Cavalli 's take

...and here are some images I found of Mata Hari

See the resemblance? It's not just my imagination, right? I didn't think so. The styling in the Cavalli photo's is exquisite. I love the jewels in Daria's hair. Just beautiful!

So what do you think your favorite fashion icons would be wearing this summer? And will it influence the way you look at your wardrobe? It's certainly got me thinking.

On a side note:
I read today that designer Victor Carranza (who created a number of pieces for Marilyn herself) will be creating a clothing line inspired by Marilyn Monroe called House of Monroe. Carranza. Click here for the full article on It says: "In addition to House of Monroe, which will be sold at upscale retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, a contemporary line of jeans and tees called Norma Jeane is being launched, and will be carried at stores like Atrium".

But it's not enough, not anymore. I'm ruined forever... :-)

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