Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wild Kingdom

To get back on track I've decided to treat my self to a post I've been wanting to do for a long time.


I absolutely love animal prints. I love them so much that I often have to stop myself from buying something completely superfluous just because it has a cute animal print. Speaking of which...

I've been trying really hard to not buy this LV Stephen Sprouse leopard print shawl. The only problem is: I also love LV. (different story for another day.... ) Let's just say I'm finding the combination of the two very hard to resist. So uhhhm yeah... moving on. I love animal prints and I want to show you some of my favorite pieces.

I'll start with shawls and scarves, because as you can see I really don't need another animal print shawl, LV or otherwise... and yet my heart aches... but anyway.

Then of course shoes... First up are the heels, that I admittedly hardly wear, but absolutely love all the same.

But a busy girl has got to have flats to run around town in, right?

Then there are belts...

... purses

and bandaids...

LOL... Yes, I bought animal print bandaids. They are made by Dermo Care and the proceeds go to the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) an organisation that focuses on preserving the planet's natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. So I can patch my self up in style and support a good cause at the same time. How could I resist?

However les pieces de resistance, the most special items in my collection are without a doubt the tortoise print. So rare and so so beautiful.

They are both high gloss patent and I think I've worn each of them once. They are that special to me... oh and the heels are killer high. Great for going out to dinner, definitly not for clubbing. Besides I'd have to kill anyone who steps on them. :)

As you might have noticed, I only posted shoes and accessories. I do have some clothing in animal prints (three tops and a skirt) but I think animal prints can easily look trashy if not worn correctly. Where as accessories are extremely versatile and add that extra umph to the plainest of outfits. Especially for those of us who wear alot of black. ;-) Animal prints are best paired with neutrals, but I also love to pair them with red or green and I usually only wear one item with animal print at a time. Adding more just feels a bit ott or over done to me. As for other accessories, antiqued gold jewellery looks amazing with animal prints.

Here's a quick and ultra casual look to show how I'd add green with animal print. Add a beige cardigan or sweater as a cover up.

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