Friday, February 25, 2011

My very own!

I'm excited people! Given my love of everything leopard print, my obsession with Alexander Wang's Alla leopard wedges wasn't very surprising.

Oh how I lusted after those shoes... patiently waited for the perfect dupe and sure 'nuf they came along in form of Nina Shoes' Yaneli wedges.

At $ 109 it seemed that the shoe fairy had granted my wish, but my hopes were dashed, since they don't ship internationally. But today was a good day my friends, because as I was browsing through H&M's latest offerings my eyes fell on these lovelies and yes they're now mine. All mine!!

I predict I'll be living in these babies all spring and summer this year!

PS. They're also available in black and at € 29,95 the price was right, so I snapped those up as well. Happy days!


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