Monday, September 6, 2010


When I'm out and about I have a tendency to check out peoples' shoes. I can't help it, I just LOVE shoes. Generally there's not that much so see, but the rare occasions that I catch a glimpse of something special, totally make up for that. Last week, though I saw something that really made me do a double take. I spotted this girl who had what looked like a lace g-string peeping out of her shoes.

I seriously had an involuntary Scooby Doo moment. You know, like: Hhrrrooughh?

This called for some investigation. I just had to find out what the heck that was! My search quickly brought me to Actual lingerie for your feet, created for "those moments when shoes are not the right look, but a barefoot seems so under dressed." ...ehhh, foot fetishes aside... seriously?  Here are some of the options to choose from.

Now, I'm not saying these are ugly. Those last ones with the flowers are actually kinda cute. I could totally see myself wearing those for my dream barefoot beach wedding someday, but to run around the city with them sticking out of my courts is a whole other story.

Toe-G, unfortunately, was not the only site my search turned up... Brace yourself now...

This is just WRONG!!! On soooooooo many levels, but whatever floats your boat right? And if you'd like to get your own pair of leopard print "Foot Undeez", you crazy freak, you can get these at Capezio. And no, I'm not linking you to the site. I outright refuse to facilitate you in this. :-p


  1. lol in my dance class we wear "foot undeez" I call em dance paws because they help with turning. But the Toe-G is quiet interesting, I wouldn't wear them around the city either. This was an interesting post though :D

  2. lol Okay, for dancing I understand... :) But some of them really look like "tighty wighties" for your feet! lol


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