Wednesday, July 28, 2010


After a long day at the office I stopped by the bookstore at the train station and picked up the August 2010 issue of British Vogue. Then rushed to my train and settled in for the 20 minute ride with my fashion fix of choice.

Not even 10 pages into it I came across this: 

Maybe it's me, maybe I was just tired, but this actually made me laugh out loud.

Please, someone help me out here. What do you call this? Yeti Chic? Antarctic Chic? Siberian Chic? Global Warming Chic? Is it even ethical to profit from the impending doom of planetary ecological disaster? Hhm... Supply & demand, I suppose.... but I digress...

And these fury pants Freja's wearing...

(both images scanned by me)

Which you can't really see on the scan, so here's a better pic...


WHERE do you wear these to?

Oh yes, I get the concept of concept. I understand that high fashion is not always to be taken literally. Sometimes it's just an idea, a feeling, a mood, but this is a RTW collection. As in ready to wear to... ehhm... Where did you say again? Skiing? Scaling K2? A north / south pole expedition? The outer rings of Neptune?


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