Monday, May 3, 2010

The one that got away...

My best friend moved house recently and she mentioned that she had to throw out a lot of her old magazines in the move. This reminded me of my one regret after moving nearly 7 years ago.

Alek Wek on the cover of Elle November 1997. Alek was Elle Magazine's first black cover model.

I could get into the debate of fashion magazines' notorious fear of putting black models on their covers, but I'm not going to. As we say in Holland: "Mooi zwart is niet lelijk."  Translation: Beautifully black is not ugly.

Alek looks absolutely stunning! The contrast of the crisp white suit against her radiant dark skin is just so so beautiful. I still regret not having the presence of mind to save this issue when I moved, but thanks to the wonders of internet, this image was not lost to me forever.

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