Friday, April 23, 2010

We are equal, but not the same...

I started writing a post about how I understand both sides of the debate regarding the launch of's Black, Curvy and Talent websites, but then I changed my mind.

Thing is, we human beings are divers. Each and every one of us is unique, inherently different from everybody else. Each of us of equal value and and importance. This is a fact, not a point of view.

In general the fashion industry and fashion magazines do not reflect diversity. Mostly we see the same faces over and over and over again until the fashion industry is over it and moves on to the next, which in general is just more of the same with a different name. But I say "in general" because, did you know that Vogue is published in 19 countries including India, Japan, Korea, Brazil & Mexico? And therefore, caters to every other ethnic group with group specific versions of Vogue except for black women (and men)?

Fashion magazines are already filled with thin women and established designers. Why not Curvy?  Why not focus specifically on new talent?

"In an ideal world fashion magazines would reflect the diversity of their readers." you say?

Really? Tell me... how big or thick would this magazine have to be, to properly represent each of these three groups plus "mainstream fashion" in equal quantities? Without looking a mess and falling into the trap of doing a bit of everything, but doing nothing really well?

Hmm..Unpractical and poor content? No thanks. Not my money. Not my "ideal world." is actually doing it right and they're doing a really good job by employing people who know each group well to provide good quality content for and about each group.

Come on people this is a good thing! And about frickin' time!

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