Sunday, February 21, 2010

Victoria's a 10!

I have to admit that I like Victoria Beckham. And I have to admit that I sometimes, buy a magazine, because she's on the cover.

So was the case with 10 Magazine Spring 2010 issue.

I love this shoot. In my personal opinion curly hair suits her better than the sleek boyish styles she usually wears.



(images scanned by me)

Call me shallow if you like.. it's okay... I don't mind.

Call her shallow if you like... That's okay too... All I'm going to say is: You try living life in a fish bowl, keep your marriage going strong for more than 10 years (which in it's self is a challenge let alone being married to a footballer), raise 3 kids (all boys), do it all in style and then come back and try to explain to me why she, in your (by that time) expert opinion, has no substance.

We'll talk then.

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