Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why are you giving me a boob-job?

While browsing through a large department store with friends last Sunday, one of my girlfriends remarked that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a bra nowadays that isn't either padded or has pre-formed cups.

My initial reaction was: "Well, that can't be right. Surely there are still normal bra's to be found in this huge store."

But as we scoured the lingerie section brand after brand turned up little to nothing. In fact, after going through the entire lingerie section we found a grand total of three 'normal' bra's. Two of which were genuinely ugly and the third was in a discount bin. This started to bug me. Was it just that particular department store's buying policy or is this a growing trend in lingerie design?

So I've been checking the latest collections of some the major brands and I found that most brands had maybe one or two unpadded/non pre-formed bra's. Only Tezenis and Victoria's Secret had a decent selection of normal bra's.

Seriously? Are you kidding me? What is going on here?

For the record I prefer pre-formed bra's, because frankly the world doesn't have to know when I'm cold. I like that little bit of protection, but that is my personal preference. My friend doesn't like them, because she finds that they make her breasts look and feel unnatural. And this is exactly my point. Not all women want huge breasts, not all women want a generic pre-determined, perfectly lifted and rounded breast shape. It's irritating enough to have the media tell us how we should to look and what size we should be. Now we have lingerie manufacturers deciding for us what our breasts should look like? Please!

Different women want different things and we deserve and reserve the right to decide what that is and how we achieve it, thank you very much.

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